Horse riding

No matter, if you are on a holiday trip or if you live in Sweden: welcome to Åsa Gård and enjoy “smålandish” wood from horseback!

At our farm children and adults get the chance to experience horse riding, weekly lessons on the paddock or in the wood, or an outdoor tour to refill you energy. Horses reduce stress and help you to find back to your inner balance. Riding trains your body and its muscles in a relaxed and funny way…

We have different horses and ponies so that we make sure that you get that one, which fits just you best. All our horses are calm and friendly. We have Island horses in our flock and a Shetland pony.
You get the possibility to enlarge your knowledge about these fantastic animals. You are welcome as beginner as well as experienced rider.

We like to have small groups (max. 4 persons) to guarantee enough time for all of you.

Ines is educated as stable hand (German professional education). She studied economics regarding horses, tourism, and marketing in the Netherlands (Bachelor of Commerce). During her studies she passed a “first aid training for horses”.

Of course, we try to speak english or even dutch while introducing how to work together with your horse.

Payment in cash or tor our bank account 662-4696. Please, give us some information about your weight and length with first contact.

Åsa Gård is an accepted ”Secure Horse Farm” concerning to Länsförsäkringar/Agria.

Think of “The Right of Public Access” in Sweden!


In order to follow Länstyrelsens hygiene rules have a look att Jordburksverkets requirement.